12th Nov2015

2016 will be a revival for GameClucks!

by chris@gameclucks.com

We are going to refocus at GC in 2016 and go back to doing what us great to begin with!
Details coming as we approach the first of the year!


27th Feb2015

Northwest Majors VII – April 24th-26th @ Highline College

by chris@gameclucks.com

Its that time of year again.. Northwest majors time!

Northwest Majors VII is shaping up as a HUGE event. We expect more then 500 players. We have a half dozen sponsors and vendors booked to be on site! We have top players from around the World booked!

Check out the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1476682912587898 and the website at http://www.NorthwestMajors.com


20th Feb2015

Its been a while…

by chris@gameclucks.com

Its been a while since we updated the website and posted something… we need to get better at that.

As always we have a FULL month of events planned and Northwest Majors coming up as well in April. We are ALWAYS busy!

So lets run down the usual stuff…
MONDAYS are always SmashFest Mondays. $3 entry for Smash Bros friendlies. 3pm – 10pm

THURSDAYS are almost always a Fight Night featuring Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Guilty Gear XRD as well as casuals for other games. $5 Venue Fee and $10 per Tournament bracket fee. Tournament entry is option, but everyone pays the Venue Fee for casuals. Thursdays 5pm – 11pm usually.

ALL NIGHT LAN is the 1st Friday of the Month. $20 PC, $15 Halo/Xbox. 2pm Friday to 7am Saturday. Next All Night LAN dates are: March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st and June 5th

GAMECLUCKS MONTHLY SMASH BROS tournaments are the Saturday and Sunday after All Night LAN usually. We run Melee and PM on Saturday and Smash4 on Sunday.
Next few Smash Events are March 7th and 8th, April 11th and 12th and we will skip May due to NWM7.

SATURDAY SLUGFEST tournaments are the two Saturdays after Smash Bros usually. The first Saturday is Capcom and NRS games, the second Saturday is Anime.

We use facebook to organize our events, so here are some links:
All Night LAN https://www.facebook.com/events/802039523177729/

GameClucks Smash Bros Melee/PM https://www.facebook.com/events/1466814306912856/

GameClucks Smash4 Event https://www.facebook.com/events/733662896749236/

Northwest Majors 7  https://www.facebook.com/events/1476682912587898/

17th Sep2014

GameClucks Team grows…

by chris@gameclucks.com

The GameClucks team of players grows as we add one of the Pacific Northwest’s top Anime gamers to the sponsorship list!

We started 2014 with the sponsorship of SilentWolf for Super Smash Brothers Melee and Project Melee. His 7th place EVO2014 placement and his continued dominance at the GameClucks Monthly events places him as one of the top Smash players in the Nation.

This past weekend at Saturday Slugfest XIV, we added SG to the roster! As one of the Pacific Northwest’s best travelers and top anime gamers!

We look forward to SilentWolf and SG bringing the heat to every event they attend and continuing the winning tradition at GameClucks!

Follow both of these GameClucks players at:
GC|SilentWolf: Facebook Twitter
GC|SG: Facebook Twitter

You can follow GameClucks on our Facebook and Twitter

We are hoping to add a League of Legends and DotA2 team in the next six months, as well as a Counter Strike GO team.

23rd Aug2014

League of Legends 5v5 at GameClucks

by chris@gameclucks.com

Games are going on!

Bracket is at http://battlefy.com/gameclucks/league-of-legends-tournament/53f77a3c30ddd2de091044ab/stage/53f77a3c30ddd2de091044aa/bracket


Live stream is up also at http://www.twitch.tv/teamkhaos