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09th Jul2014

Counter Strike GO 5v5 on July 26th 2014


Its our third CSGO 5v5 at GameClucks and this one is looking SOLID!

Details can be found here: and

From the ESEA Article/post here are some details:
As CS:GO continues to grow around the world, GameClucks LAN center will host their 3rd CS:GO, double elimination event on July 26th. This event will be a BYOC! We will have computers on site for people to use if you cannot use your own, however we do suggest you bring your own. You may be asked to unhook your computer and move it after matches, so please be flexible.

The tournament will take place Saturday, July 26th

It will be hosted at GameClucks in Lynnwood, Washington.
Entry Fee is $40 per person – Team entry $200

Prize Pool:
80% of Entry Fee goes to Prize Pool
8 or Less Teams: 70%, 30%
9 or More Teams: 65%, 25%, 10%

The organizers are working to secure sponsorships that will allow them to have random giveaways during the event, hoping to give everyone a chance at getting products and other cool items if they aren’t able to place in the money.

5v5 Team style play
BYOC, with computers on hand.
Double Elimination
Seven map cycle (Cache, Train, Dust2, Mirage, Nuke, Inferno, Season)
Prize Pot breakdown is currently determined by number of signups.
Registration Check-In Time: 11 AM on 26th.
Tournament start time: Noon on 26th

Best of One, First to 16 Rounds
Double Elim Bracket
Grand Finals Best of Three

House Rules:
Set Up/Take Down of Systems MUST MUST MUST be quick.
Smoke Breaks need to be taken before your team is called to set up. No getting called then all of a sudden need a 10 min smoke break. Look at the bracket, be aware.
Have your computer, mouse, settings, etc all set up BEFORE arriving to the event.
5 Min Break between side changes allowed. Keep it quick though.
These sorts of events run efficiently based on YOU the Players, not the Organizer. Its your Set Up/Take
Down/Need for Breaks at obviously bad times/etc that runs the event. Please help make it run smooth.

Stay tuned to ESEA News as we give complete updates surrounding the event!

09th Jul2014

All Night LAN’s for 2014


All Night LANs are one of the GameClucks trademarks! We have done them longer and better than anyone in the industry! Every month for almost twelve years!
We have perfected the All Night thing!

The Basics:
$20 GameClucks PC
$15 BYOComputer (4 spots)
$15 Halo/COD LAN (BYOXbox)
Friday 2pm – Saturday 7am

Reservations recommended for GC PCs and BYOC sports!
Schedule for the rest of 2014:
August 1st
September 5th
October 3rd
November 7th
December 5th

09th Jul2014

Saturday Slugfest XXII The EVO Ed – July 12th 2014


Our massively successful Saturday Slugfest series continues this coming Saturday at GameClucks! With most of our top players at EVO2014 in Las Vegas, this opens the doors to some new players picking up some cash prizes!
As always we will have VIP Service as well, with a new flavour of Hooch and we will watch the EVO2014 Live Stream to cheer on our PNW Players!

Details for the event can be found at:

Come on down to GameClucks this Saturday for Slugfest!
Venue fee is $5, VIP is +$10 and most games are $5 to $10 each!

26th Jun2014

Coming Events…


Make sure you check out our Events Page and Calendar for our latest events! We host 4-8 events per month! More than ANYONE on the West Coast.
You can also find our events listed on our Facebook Page at

We have weekly events forĀ  Smash brothers (SmashFest Mondays), Halo (Halo Wednesday) and Fighting Games (Thursday Night Fights).

Our monthly events include the GameClucks Monthly for Smash Bros Melee/Brawl/N64/PM; Saturday Slugfest for Street Fighter, Marvel, Tekken, Injustice and more; and DotA2 LANs.

We also occasionally run events for Call of Duty, League of Legends and Counter Strike.

We are the busiest LAN Center in the US!

26th Jun2014

June Smash Bros tournament videos


The videos are up courtesy of 62-Bit Gaming. The Project Melee videos are here:

Next GameClucks Monthly for Smash Brothers is on July 5th 2014
The event can be found here: